Build the Shower of your Dreams


Please do not use your new shower door for 24 hours after installation. The door must also remain in the position left by the installation crew during this time. All siliconed areas will continue to cure and cannot be touched during the first 12 hours. If there are any taped areas do not remove tape for 48 hours. You will also want to keep all shower head(s) and/or body jets directed away from the door as much as possible. Any water directly aimed toward the door gaps will cause a leak within that area. When closing your shower door, place the door in the closed position and do not release the door until it makes contact with the vinyl door stop. (“Slamming” will occur if door is not placed shut).


To properly care for your glass, squeegee dry after each use. To keep your glass looking new, clean each week using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent to remove any soap scum, dirt, or grime. Acceptable products include:

– Windex
– Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner
– 50/50 Water & Vinegar Mixture
– Clorox Green Works Glass Cleaner
– Sprayway Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner
– Mr. Clean Magic Eraser when damp

For additional information on protective coatings, see warranty section below.


Never use any rough, gritty, abrasive, highly acidic, or highly basic cleaners as they will damage the glass. Examples include Comet (powder), Ajax, cerium oxide, muriatic acid, or lye.


All warranty information can be found and downloaded by clicking the PDF icon below.