Build the Shower of your Dreams

Bypass shower stall doors

Whether they’re used on a tub or for a shower stall, by-pass shower doors are a classic, space friendly option for your bathroom. eaturing both glass and metal components, these sliding doors represent a versatile and cost-effective choice in glass shower doors. By-pass doors can be part of a larger glass shower enclosure, but they can also be added to a tub to take the place of the shower curtain. Their timeless style and high level of functionality make by-pass doors and enclosures products worth considering.

Parallel Tracks

Each by-pass unit includes two operable door panels which slide along parallel tracks. The door panels themselves are fashioned from frameless glass, and a thin strip of aluminum framing extends around the perimeter of the enclosure to create a semi-frameless shower overall. In addition to the doors, sections of fixed glass may be included on a by-pass unit. For example, if by-pass doors are added to a tub that has walls on two sides, a 90-degree glass return will be installed to fully enclose the space. Likewise, fixed panels can be used along with by-pass doors to build a glass shower enclosure that is totally separate from the tub.


By-pass shower stall and tub doors from Alexandria Glass Repair can be customized to coordinate with your bathroom’s décor.

Most significantly, you can choose from among many options in transparent or privacy glass – clear, patterned, or obscured. The shower doors can be further personalized through your selection of a handle style, the framing, and the finish for hardware.

When you order a by-pass shower stall or tub door from Alexandria, you can be confident that it will be:

  • Built from custom-cut glass that fits correctly in your specific space.
  • Constructed from high-quality glass and metal.
  • Installed by courteous and experienced glass professionals.
  • Covered by the Alexandria Glass Repair shower door warranty.