Ready to Order to your Mirror?

Antique mirrors from Alexandria Glass Repair allow you to preserve a vintage ambiance while decorating with new mirrors.

We offer quality, custom mirror glass that has been given the “aged” appearance of an old mirror. An antique mirror is the perfect piece for certain interior designs. For example, furniture style vanities are trending, and some home decorators choose to re-purpose vintage dressers, desks, or tables and convert them into bathroom vanities. This gives the sink area a great deal of charm and personality, and you can continue the effect by hanging an “antique” mirror above your antique vanity. Antique mirrors also make lovely wall ornaments and can be used to add character and visual interest to just about any space.

When you order an antique mirror from Alexandria, you can count on great service throughout the project.

We are happy to visit your home for a free mirror consultation, and our glazier will also take precise measurements and carefully inspect the relevant wall space. Your antique mirror will be fabricated to fit correctly in your space and then carefully installed by glass professionals.

In addition to the many standard mirrors we offer, Alexandria brings you antique-style mirrors so that you don’t have to scour flea markets and antique shops in order to find a mirror that harmonizes with your room’s décor. Whether you’re creating a lived-in, “layered” look or decorating your space with heirloom furniture, we can offer you new mirror glass with an aged appearance. To achieve this, acid is applied to the back of the mirror and then washed off after it has eaten away only a little bit of the reflective paint. A protective coating is then applied to the back of the “antique” mirror, and it is ready for use.

Like our other mirrors, antique mirrors are customizable.

If you need a unique shape or a non-standard size, this is not a problem for ABC Glass & Mirror. Our team will fabricate your antique mirrors to the appropriate height and width for your project. In addition, we can ensure that your mirror will fit correctly by fine-tuning the dimensions to compensate for minor structural flaws such as corners that are out of square. Moreover, even our antique mirrors can be enhanced with custom cut-outs to accommodate light switches, outlets, and so on.

Along with personalized mirror dimensions, we offer a variety of appealing options for your antique mirror:

Bevel – For a subtle border, we can do a beveled edge around the exterior edges of your antique mirror glass.
Polished Edge – To emphasize simplicity and clean lines, we can keep the surface of the mirror completely level and just machine polish the edges.